The Benefits Of Alkalising

Author: Morlife   Date Posted:12 May 2014 

The benefits of alkalising
Did you know alkalising can enhance physical performance?

When our cells are alkaline they can carry more oxygen to the tissues and muscles, providing increased energy and physical stamina. What’s more, alkalising minerals also act as electrolytes that speed up cellular hydration and assist with recovery. Muscle contraction is another function dependent upon the presence of alkalising minerals, therefore sufficient levels can prevent cramping and muscle spasms. As you can see, moving to a more alkaline state can significantly improve physical function.

Alkalising not only boosts performance in the short term, it has important implications for the long term too. When an overload of acidity occurs from factors such as a high protein diet, the body will try to ‘balance’ itself to retain its optimal pH level (7.35-7.45). To do this, it draws from stores of alkaline minerals in the blood (calcium, magnesium, and potassium). When these stores are insufficient, the body will ‘steal’ them from bones, muscles and cells. Over time, this can deplete minerals in our tissues which can lead to long term health complications. Increasing your greens can prevent excess acidity and disease in the body, ensuring wellness all year round!

If the thought of turning your diet green sounds overwhelming – don’t panic – it’s not as scary as you might think! To help you begin your journey, Morlife have created an Alkalising Greens Challenge, where you can enjoy helpful recipes, advice and even test your alkalinity as you progress. You might even become ‘addicted to greens’ as many of our participants report after just a few days on the challenge!

Morlife have taken the hassle out of alkalising by developing an alkalising greens powder (Alkalising Greens pH7.3) and an alkalising food bar so you can get your greens in a shake and on the run. Morlife’s Greens Rush bar contains a single dose of Morlife’s alkalising greens powder and excludes artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners, providing a wholesome, natural source of green energy. To find out more and purchase Morlife’s alkalising products, go to 

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