UFC 167 GSP V Hendricks - Fight Card

Author: Jordan/UFC.com   Date Posted:31 October 2013 

UFC 167 GSP V Hendricks - Fight Card

Hard for UFC to top the massive fights and great card of UFC 166, especially after the Melendez V Sanchez war and the great title defence from Cain Velasquez. UFC 167 does produce another great card though with highly anticipated match up between Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre and power hitter Johny Hendricks. Many believe GSP will not be able to avoid the knock out hands from Hendricks.. We have yet another fighter from down under on the card with Brian Ebersole going up against Rick Story. And Co Main event has Chael Sonnen, the man with the mouth, back to take on Rashad Evans. Rory Mcdonald is on the main card against Robbie Lawler and should be a great fight as Mcdonald has vowed to be more exciting than his last win. Other big names included are Josh Koschek, Ed Herman and Cowboy Cerrone, all facing possible cuts so will have to perform.. Click Here for more info and other UFC news.. 

  1. Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks
    Georges St-Pierre
    24-2-0 Record 15-1-0
    5' 11" Height 5' 9"
    170lbs (77kg) Weight 170lbs (77kg)
    Johny Hendricks
  2. Rashad Evans vs Chael Sonnen
    Rashad Evans
    23-3-1 Record 29-13-1
    5' 11" Height 6' 1"
    205lbs (93kg) Weight 205lbs (93kg)
    75 Reach 74
    Chael Sonnen
  3. Rory MacDonald vs Robbie Lawler
    Rory MacDonald
    15-1-0 Record 21-9-0, 1NC
    6' 0" Height 5' 11"
    170lbs (77kg) Weight 170lbs (77kg)
    Robbie Lawler
  4. Josh Koscheck vs Tyron Woodley
    Josh Koscheck
    19-7-0 Record 11-2-0
    5' 10" Height 5' 9"
    170lbs (77kg) Weight 170lbs (77kg)
      Reach 74
    Tyron Woodley
  5. Tim Elliott vs Ali Bagautinov
    Tim Elliott
    10-3-1 Record 11-2-0
    5' 7" Height 5' 4"
    125lbs (56kg) Weight 125lbs (56kg)
    Ali Bagautinov
  6. Donald Cerrone vs Evan Dunham
    Donald Cerrone
    20-6-0, 1NC Record 14-4-0
    6' 0" Height 5' 10"
    155lbs (70kg) Weight 155lbs (70kg)
      Reach 70
    Evan Dunham
  7. Ed Herman vs Thales Leites
    Ed Herman
    21-7-0, 1NC Record 21-4-0
    6' 2" Height 6' 1"
    185lbs (84kg) Weight 185lbs (84kg)
    73 Reach  
    Thales Leites
  8. Brian Ebersole vs Rick Story
    Brian Ebersole
    50-15-1, 1NC Record 15-7-0
    6' 0" Height 5' 10"
    170lbs (77kg) Weight 170lbs (77kg)
    Rick Story
  9. Erik Perez vs Edwin Figueroa
    Erik Perez
    13-5-0 Record 9-3-0
    5' 8" Height 5' 7"
    135lbs (61kg) Weight 135lbs (61kg)
    67 Reach 69
    Edwin Figueroa
  10. Jason High vs Anthony Lapsley
    Jason High
    18-4-0 Record 22-5-0, 2NC
    5' 8" Height 5' 9"
    170lbs (77kg) Weight 170lbs (77kg)
    Anthony Lapsley
  11. Vaughan Lee vs Sergio Pettis
    Vaughan Lee
    13-9-1 Record 9-0-0
    5' 6" Height 5' 6"
    135lbs (61kg) Weight 135lbs (61kg)
    Sergio Pettis
  12. Cody Donovan vs Gian Villante
    Cody Donovan
    8-3-0 Record 10-4-0
    6' 3" Height 6' 3"
    205lbs (93kg) Weight 205lbs (93kg)
    74 Reach  
    Gian Villante

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