With a vision to support the growth of BJJ at the same time as providing for the community, in 2013 BRAUS Fight was born. Founded by a couple of entrepreneurs with a shared passion for BJJ, charitable initiatives and authenticity the brand established itself around 6 core values which continue to remain the foundation for operating today. Authenticity, Compassion, Connection, Service, Quality and Innovation. The soul of BRAUS Fight lies within the first three, our enterprise is based on humanity and that will always come first– the second three ensure we remain accountable to delivering above expectation in all that we do.
Our Infinity symbol was designed to signify the limitless journey of life, people, connection, learning and BJJ – everything is connected and limits remain only in our minds. The Fight Never Ends continues this sentiment reminding us to never give up and forever keep striving and thriving both on the mats and beyond.
We represent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the communities within the sport beyond. It’s as simple as that.