CMBT Reload,Octane,Reload Bar and Shaker Pack

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CMBT Reload,Octane,Reload Bar and Shaker Pack

CMBT Reload

A world first wholefood protein source specifically formulated for combat athletes. CMBT RELOAD™ is a highly absorbed, bioavailable, dairy free recovery formula that’s packed with nutrients and tastes delicious.

CMBT Octane

Premium fuel when you need it most. Octane is a new breed of performance enhancing nutrition for combat athletes.

CMBT Reload Bars

The world's best combat specific recovery formula is now available in a convenient wholefoods protein bar. CMBT RELOAD PROTEIN BAR™️ is a delicious and nutritious snack ideal for both pre and post-workout or just your go to everyday snack.

Containing CMBT Reload Patent pending 4 stage recovery formula along with being stacked with 20g of all natural bioavailable plant proteins. This bar is simply the tastiest and most convenient way to get more out of yourself each day.


CMBT RELOAD™ contains a plant-based p