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Morgan Endurance 12" Speedball

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The Morgan Endurance Speedball is designed to develop speed, hand-eye coordination, explosive power, and timing. It is the most durable and fastest speed bag in the gym. Measuring 27cm in length and 17cm in width makes this a great and medium-sized training target. The premium design optimises speed and balance for rapid and accurate rebounds allowing you to develop your combinations and aerobic capacity. A heavy-duty performance rubber bladder is included for ultimate durability and fast rebounds. Perfectly balanced for accurate response and feel, Morgan endurance speedball encourages medium speed, easier coordination, and focus. This is ideal for beginners and intermediate users due to its wider diameter.  

  • Perfectly weighted 12" Speedball 
  • Narrow swivel loop to fit most branded swivels 
  • A full-length strap is sewn into the entire length of the ball
  • 12" Speedballs are perfect for more intermediate users as the ball is a little bigger than a 10" thus requiring a medium degree of concentration.