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Morgan Freestanding Cobra Punch Ball On Adjustable Stand

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The Morgan Freestanding punch ball is a great product when you don’t want to have to drill holes in the walls or in the ceiling to work on your target ball training techniques. Designed to simulate a floor to ceiling ball, the freestanding unit comprises of flexible construction using high-quality steel shafts for a quick rebound and a compressed foam target which offers a soft but dense ball. The base is made using polyethene which holds approximately 40kg-45kg of either water or sand. The stand can be raised up to 6ft in weight and offers multiple adjustment points. This Cobra punch ball is great for commercial and home training.

  • Flexible construction with strong thick steel spring on the bottom of steel shaft for a quick rebound
  • Made in Taiwan with higher quality control
  • Fill the base with water to 40 to 45kg or fill with heavier sand for more stability
  • Great for super-fast, light speed punching, hand and eye coordination, timing, accuracy and endurance
  • The product is only designed for lightweight punching with the use of protective padded gloves
  • The stand is adjustable to 1.55mft in height