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Morgan Precision Training Sticks

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The Morgan Precision Training Sticks is designed to enhance the striking ability and taking a significant amount of pressure away from the elbows and wrists. Using a soft EVA inner padding with a long-lasting PVC inner tube, the precision stick will last round after round. Ideal to take with you when traveling to compete in tournaments, these Morgan training sticks come with a highly ventilated breathable storage bag. 

  • Made from a highly durable PU outer skin, with a soft EVA inner padding and long-lasting PVC plastic inner tube
  • 60cm x 5.5cm diameter
  • Approx weight is 450gr
  • 2-way support grip system with individual finger inserts + an adjustable velcro closure that goes over the top of the hand to provide maximum support and stability
  • Much more durable and effective than cheaper pool noodles and safer than wooden martial arts training sticks