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Morgan Shin & Instep 'BKK Ready' - Green

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When training for Muay Thai kickboxing and you're kicking a bag or Thai pads, using the safest gear possible is of utmost concern. Morgan BKK-ready shin and instep guard is the latest addition to our range of high-quality Muay Thai equipment and will ensure that you are protected for every kick you throw. 

Extremely durable and long-lasting, ATF-grade Rexene coats the exterior of this finely handcrafted pair of shin and instep protectors. Exclusive signature dual-layer compressed foam system distributes shock-impact equally throughout the design. It is also sandwiched by highly compressed dual-core foam and an equilibrium sheet that does away with violent impact without any consequence to your shin and foot's health. 

Using dual wrap-around leg straps with elasticated inserts located behind the heel ensures that these shin guards stay in place aided by our non-slip inner lining.

  • Made from Phase 3 ATF grade rexene
  •  Dual-Core compact layered foam  effectively distributes shock-impact equally throughout the shin protectors
  • Highly Compressed Foam padding absorbs shock-impact efficiently over shin  and base of the foot
  • Equilibrium sheets pressed against the exclusive mould provides the utmost shock-absorption against heavy impacts
  • Dual wraparound strap closure with added elasticated inserts around the back of the foot