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Morgan Shin & Instep Cotton Protectors

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The Morgan Elastic Shin and Instep Guard are designed to keep your feet and legs protected during sparring. These shin and instep guards are as important as protecting any other vulnerable part of the body. Our elastic cotton shin and instep guards keep your legs from serious injury while practicing martial arts. It provides enough protection with an inner foam pad wrapped with a 100% cotton stretch material. These cloth guards slip on like a sock and hug just as tightly. Whether your training in Taekwondo or kicking up a kickboxing storm, you'd do well to pick up a pair of these cloth shin and instep guards.

  • Thick foam padding covering both the shin and foot
  • High Rebound inner foam will minimise shin and foot impact
  • 100% elasticated cotton cloth
  • Designed for all form of martial arts and combat sports trainingĀ