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Morgan Thai Pads Curved 'BKK Ready' Leather Pair - Green

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The Morgan BKK ready Thai Pad is the latest addition to our Thai pad range,  inspired by true thai grade fight gear,  these Thai pads are crafted using ATF grade and E-17 components to achieve an extra-long life and professional results,  whilst minimising overall weight placed on the forearms during coaching.  The slightly contoured design is ideal for all punches,  strikes and kicks.  Ergonomically fit the trainer's forearm because of the curve it is easier to hold and the trainer can stay more balanced during training.  Full forearm reinforced padding on the back provides increased comfort with an added 3cm elevated wedge that allows for further shock absorption and comfort whilst coaching.  Reinforced and riveted back handle with two forearm adjustable Velcro closures keep pad secure during intense training.  More than 7cm of quad-core medium density foam inside delivers incredible impact resistance. Additional pre-stitched in forearm padded insets provide an increased level of comfort when needing to hold the pads day after day.
  • Made from ¬†ATF¬†high-grade¬†E-17 constructed material
  • Two thick military velcro straps with stitched in forearm and wrist padding
  • Solid wide angle gripping handle on the rear
  • 3cm elevated forearm padding to provide trainers and pad holders maximum protection
  • Quad layer padding¬†throughout¬†the pads for minimal jarring to allow for the heaviest of kicks and strikes
  • Extra light in weight ideal for instructors and classe
  • Dimensions: 35cm x 17cm x 7cm
  • Weight per pcs:¬†¬†500grams