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Morgan V2 Elite Thigh Guard (Pair)

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The Morgan V2 Elite Thigh Guards are an essential tool for any instructor or trainer who incorporates leg strikes into their training program. Manufactured using a closed-cell foam complex ensures that minimal jarring passes through the thigh protectors. A contoured design that follows the shape of your thighs helps in protecting you while your students try to attack your legs from multiple angles. Using an adjustable waist strap and inner thigh strap ensures that the thigh guard can be worn by any trainer of any size.

  • Made from a 7cm thick closed cell pre shaped high density inner padding with an elevated pre-molded center target zone
  • Adjustable velcro waist belt with 3 holding loops to ensure that the thigh guards stay where they are meant to be 
  • Made from a super durable external fabric 
  • Contoured for the thigh area ensuring both inner and outer thigh areas can be kicked with confidence
  • 12cm velcro closure ensures that you can pull the unit tight