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Morgan Wrecking Ball

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The Morgan wrecking ball is an undisputed punching bag. True to its form and shape, it is ideal for every punch and strike including hooks and uppercuts. Manufactured using our 900D ripstop vinyl and filled here in Australia using premium cotton and fleece to create a denser impact zone while evenly balancing the bag during filling to create an even swing on the bag when being hit. The unique shape is advantageous for punching at angles and mastering body shots — two keys for elite boxers. Durable nylon seatbelt and straps with triple-stitched D-rang in patches alleviate chains and excess noise.

  • Great alternative to a heavy bag as can be used for multi-striking
  • Made from a strong 900D ripstop vinyl
  • 3 x hanging rings
  • Chains & Swivel included
  • Ideal for personal home use or gym use
  • Size: 75cm x 55cm
  • Weight: approx. 30-35kg

*Please not this product is shipped from a 3rd party warehouse and the lead time for shipping and handling is between 10 - 14 days