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Punch Equipment AAA Free Standing Punch Bag

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  • Designed for commercial training environments
  •  AAA Grade product - 2 years, extended manufacturers warranty included
  •  Steel pole & 4 strut structure for supreme durability & unrivaled stability ( 175cm high )
  •  Engineered with a foam-lined base which can be struck with leg kicks!
  •  Thick foam padded top section for all your boxing & kickboxing needs
  •  Requires approx. 4 x 20kg sandbags in base ( Sandbags not included )
  •  Ripstop commercial grade tarpaulin casing designed for durability
  •  A fantastic option for those who cannot install a hanging boxing bag


The AAA Free Standing Punching Bag is the ideal free-standing boxing bag solution for serious training environments such as commercial gyms, fight gyms or the home gym.

A free-standing bag is a great solution for boxing training at home as the bag can be placed anywhere & needs no installation!

Freestanding boxing bags typically plastic bases that can cause injury when accidentally struck,

The AAA Free Standing Bag is foam-lined from top to bottom ensuring users will be able to kick the base with no worry!

A Commercial Gym will give their clients a professional and quality punching bag to train on.

The total height of this bag is approximately 175cm & weighs approx 28kg. when the base is empty & can weigh in excess of 120 kilograms when full.



This bag comes as one whole unit & the only task to complete once unpacked is to fill the base.

To do this,

Start by lifting the top pad from the pole structure.

Once removed simply undo & remove the bases, hook & loop cover to insert some sandbags to ensure your bag doesn't tip over & gives you the feedback you're looking for!

As a quick guide, we recommend 6 sandbags of approx. 20kilograms ( 120kgs total ) however adjust the weight as required.

Lastly, we recommend filling any empty space left in the base with other rag type fill ( towels, sheets, clothing etc. ) to give your base more stability & better feedback when struck.

*Please not this product is shipped from a 3rd party warehouse and the lead time for shipping and handling is between 7 - 14 days