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Punch Equipment mexican Stretch Boxing Hand Wraps - 5M

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  • Designed to provide added protection & stability to your wrap configuration
  •  Engineered for boxers who require added support from their boxing hand wraps
  •  5-metre length for extra padding & stability in the needed areas of the hand
  •  Stretchy, soft & breathable cotton
  •  Thumb Loop strap with a soft feel, hook and loop wrist strap closure


Gain the adding protection you need for your hands with the Mexican 'Fuerte' 5m stretch hand wraps.

Stretch wraps are ideal for filling out any boxing glove, not only for sweat absorption but also to add stability to your wrist & finger joints, padding over your knuckles or palm pillow to your fist.

The additional metre in comparison to conventional 4metre wraps gives the user the added length necessary to ensure their hand wrapping configuration suits their needs.

Above all else, stretch wraps are used to stop the sweat & moisture from reaching your gloves!

If you're a professional boxer, prone to hand injuries or need some extra padding on the inside of your glove, the 5m Fuerte Mexican Stretch Hand Wraps are ideal for you!