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Punch Equipment Urban Neoprene Gel Knuckle Guards

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  • Premium, shock-absorbing 10mm thick, gel knuckle padding
  •  Generous palm pillow for fist forming comfort
  •  Designed as a protective bag mitt alternative on floor to ceiling balls & speed balls
  •  Individual finger slots with easy on/off string tabs
  •  Comfortable, stretchy neoprene construction
  •  Utilize with a pair of boxing stretch wraps for a complete hand wrapping kit


Outperform the competition with the stunning Urban Neoprene Gel Knuckle Guards, designed to provide users with superb protection of the fist, knuckles all while providing the boxer with an effortless fist formation.
Whether you’re training on a floor to ceiling ball, hitting a boxing bag, thrashing a speedball, this boxing accessory is the essential item you need for knuckle protection & longevity.
Engineered to comfortably sit under a pair of hand wraps & boxing gloves, these guards will give you a serious, protective edge in & out of the ring.
With superior, shock-absorbing gel, sweat-wicking neoprene casing, generous palm pillow padding & easy on/off pull tabs, you cannot look past this effective boxing accessory.